05th October 2021

Chris Wills OB Res in Focus: Owner of AdviserDigital

Name & Role

Chris Wills, Owner of AdviserDigital

Company Elevator Pitch

Professional & Financial Services firms have one massive problem that for them outweighs all other problems in their business. Their ability to attract new and qualified clients for their business. Simply Existing, Being a “Great Advisor”, working your client base & referrals is not enough anymore to ensure a Successful, Thriving Professional Services firm. Most of these businesses use Lead Vendors or Marketing Agencies which fail to help them with the whole process. 

Which is why our mission is to help Professional & Financial Services Firms to get the tools, strategies & support they need to build Thriving, Successful Businesses. Helping them to bring their marketing “In-house” Giving them the control over their own business and relinquishing the hold outside marketing companies can have over their Growth. 

What’s the Biggest Lesson You Learned in 2021?

You can only do so much on your own. Having a Team of Great people who can help take control over parts of the business lets you get more done faster, Help clients even better & overall have a much better business!

Do You Have Any Hobbies or Interests?

I’ve played guitar now for well over a decade & always keep coming back to that, something just very fun about being able to actually play all the music you hear! I also spend far too much time looking at anything to do with cars.

What Advice would you give to entrepreneurs right now?

To stop obsessing over improving their Conversion rates or making sure things are perfect and just push more volume through it. 

So Many People I talk to focus too much on getting their Landing Page conversion rate up 2% or get their sales conversion rate from 15% to 25% and whilst these things are important so many times it causes people to miss the bigger picture. I’d rather have 300 Leads we Convert at 15% than 100 we convert at 25%. It’s always about looking at the Net Result & Focusing on knocking over the Big Domino in your business that’s going to make a huge difference and not spinning your wheels on metrics that won’t radically change your growth.

You can solve a lot of the problems you have in your business by just getting in front of more people.

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you?

An Octopus once shot Ink at me Twice & I was also stung by 4 Jellyfish in less than 5 Minutes!

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

Mastery of Persuasion. Everything always ends up coming down to the ability to persuade from where you go to dinner to someone funding your business. 

What do you enjoy most about Ormeau Baths?

The Facilities are great – The Video Recording studio, The meeting rooms are lovely & the people are great as well!

Who is your dream business mentor?

Brad Lea right now I would say. Points if anyone actually knows who that is!

Where can people find out more about your business?

AdviserDigital.com Is the easiest place to learn more about what we do