12th December 2019

How to Support Small Businesses This Christmas

When you buy from small businesses at Christmas, several things happen:

You keep more money in your local economy

You celebrate the importance of your community

You support local jobs

You encourage community

You benefit from access to their expertise

You invest in entrepreneurship

And last but by no means least…

When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. 

Being in the company of entrepreneurs and small business owners day in and day out within the Ormeau Baths co-working space, we can, in fact, confirm this final point to be true.

The money spent supporting small businesses is an investment in their future and their ability to grow and thrive. It makes a huge difference during a stressful and busy time for all businesses but especially small businesses by supporting small teams who are working long hours around the clock during the festive season. 

Whether your Christmas shopping is done and dusted or you’re still on the hunt for those final few gifts, here are three super easy ways to support small businesses this Christmas. 

Shop locally

First and foremost, get to know what’s on offer from small businesses, makers and independent gift shops and boutiques in your local area. Whether home produce or unique gifts are your go-to at this time of year, make Christmas markets and fairs your first stop. Not only will you find a distinctive gift but it’s an opportunity to connect with your community and to give back. 

Let them know what you think (kindly)

Supporting small businesses doesn’t always have to revolve around buying their products. Instead, you could offer them valuable feedback from previous experiences. If you’re new to their business, ask them about their product. Listen to their story. If you love their product, tell them. If you have a great story about your experience with their business, share it with them and leave a review. Feedback helps us all to grow and improve while reviews help to raise brand awareness and attract future customers. In doing so, the cycle continues and businesses continue to grow.

Spread the word

Take your review on step further and share your appreciation and experience on social media. Even if you’re not in a position to buy from a small business, sharing their products, news and launch announcements is the easiest way to offer support.

Lastly, take note of those around you looking for gift ideas and throw some small business based suggestions their way.