27th August 2021

Meet Our Member: Gillian Gregg

Gillian Gregg is a Senior Regional Business Development Manager at the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Last year she was chosen to establish the Academy’s first-ever regional hub in Belfast which proudly calls its home right here in Ormeau Baths.

Drawing on her vast experience working in the sector across government, industry and academia, Gillian is able to provide the Hub with a broad range of insight and expertise.

Outside of work she is married with two daughters (11 and 14), walks an hour a day, plays tennis (like a badminton player) enjoys gardening and choral singing (as an alto).

In this short chat, resident podcaster Matthew Thompson catches up with Gillian to hear about how she got involved with the Academy and what her plans are for the upcoming year.

Check it out.

Video: https://youtu.be/AinFOYWSyUQ

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