Keeping things running smoothly, introducing you to that person you’ve been chasing for months and shooting the breeze over a coffee or a tea, when things aren’t going right — these are the friendly faces are the first point of contact when there’s something you need.

Our team are always about Monday-Friday, 9-5 to answer any questions you have or show you around.

All you gotta do is contact us.

Claire Halliday, Co Founder and General Manager

I find people fascinating and living in 3 different countries has only increased my curiosity in how I can best use my time to draw out the treasure in people.

Since being involved with Ormeau Baths at the beginning from a distance, I jumped at the chance to be more involved on a day to day basis.

Community is central to everything we do at The Baths and my dream for this place is that our members know that they belong and that we can create a home away from home, working together to make each other’s businesses and Belfast better.

Steve Pette, Director

Steve got involved in the very early days of Ormeau Baths as co-founder, bringing his experience and passion for creating spaces where people can come together and thrive as a community in Belfast. He’s one of the original early adopters in the UK to lead the co-working revolution.

Steve previously co-founded Central Working in London, and led it’s creation and design from physical location to it’s service philosophy from inception. Built on the understanding of community creation with hospitality and service creates opportunity.

Ormeau Baths is all this and more !

In a previous life he was Head of Service Development for Virgin Atlantic and later the Director of Customer Experience at Virgin America, where he was part of the founding team that redefined domestic air travel within the US.

Lisa Bailie, Barclays Ecosystem Manager

After working for Barclays bank for 16 years in various roles, I now head up Barclays Eagle Labs in Northern Ireland — a partner of Ormeau Baths since 2016.

Being extremely passionate about female entrepreneurship, I’ve been involved in hosting events for women in tech and establishing The Baths as a go-to space for women’s community groups.

My job has given me a well-known presence within the tech ecosystem here in Belfast, and I’m so grateful every day that I get to be part of such a thriving community.

Jenna Parker, Community Manager

I have completed a BSc Degree in Leisure and Events Management, and gained experience working as a Youth Support Worker, Social Media Executive and recently in the hospitality industry as an Assistant Bar Manager. 

Working with Claire Halliday, my role varies and no two days are the same. My job includes engaging with members, maintaining the space, assisting with events and ensuring everyone is happy and satisfied. 

I love the diversity this post brings and meeting so many new people. I feel all the experiences I have learnt from my past jobs have enhanced my ability to make this role a success and to have a positive impact on the Ormeau baths community.

Claire Armstrong, Lab Manager

My Role is all about building relationships with our members, showcasing our Eagle Lab proposition and connecting people to support the growth of their business.

You will find me in the Kitchen, taking 30 mins to make a cup of tea because I will take part in every conversation going on in there!

Ormeau Baths is home from home for everyone that comes through the door. Our community is one of a kind, and to be a part of that, is something special.

Rachel Snowdon, Napoleon

Having spent over 8 years working in the coffee industry I’ve always been passionate about quality coffee, food and customer service. My experience in working and managing some of the top cafes in Northern Ireland made me fall in love with what our local independent coffee scene has to offer. It had been a dream for years to start our own cafe and towards the end of 2019 both myself and my partner Matthew decided 2020 was going to be the year to finally do it – little did we know what 2020 would actually have in store!

The Ormeau Baths has always felt like a home from previously managing the R&B cafe that was here before. Now having the opportunity to take on the premises as Napoleon we are proud to be part of a historic building and to share the space with our creative and entrepreneurial neighbours next door.

Our cafe concept draws on inspiration we’ve found from many places on our travels. We wanted to create an open, friendly and accessible cafe for everyone to enjoy. With offering both local and European coffees on our bar we want to share our love of all things coffee and food with the wider community.