11th October 2019

3 Tips To Boost Productivity Within Co-Working Spaces

Despite the significant benefits to running your business from a co-working space (we’ve covered some of them here), these same benefits – community, an expanded network, collaborative opportunity – can also lead you to the dark side of distraction occasionally. However, with the right tools and strategies in place, keeping your productivity levels in check has never been so easy. Plus, you’ll still be able to revel in all of the benefits that co-working spaces provide in furthering your business and working life. 


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Forget the desk accessories, photos of loved ones and having your own mug in the community kitchen, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones will be the most valuable possession you bring to your co-working office. They’re the universal sign for ‘I’m in the zone. No distractions, please’ that are particularly popular (and essential) within co-working communities. 

These will become your most prized possession that will allow you to block out the noise from your beloved co-working community as they network and collaborate around you. Not only will you benefit from increased focus and furthermore, increased productivity but when the FOMO becomes overwhelming, all you have to do is remove the headphones and once again, immerse yourself in all that community feeling going on around you. 


Failing To Plan = Planning To Fail

Working from a co-working space like Ormeau Baths where you’re surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers and business-owners provides an entire community of accountability partners to help you to thrive and progress in your business. 

On the flip side, for all of the reasons that we love co-working spaces, they also mean that they’re often high-energy, social spaces where it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement. Getting clear on your agenda each day will help to boost your working capacity and capabilities on the productivity front, giving your day or week a clear direction. 

Having a structured plan that outlines how you will spend your time working within your co-working space will keep you on task and simultaneously maximise your time as part of the community through building your network, attending events and collaborating on projects. 


Take Care of Yourself

One of the many benefits of co-working spaces is that for the most part, they’re open to members on a 24/7 basis. This supports flexibility in members’ working schedules depending on their lifestyle and requirements conducive to running their business. However, with constant access to your working space, it’s not unusual to let office hour boundaries slip and over-work yourself. 

With a variety of night owls and early birds, it’s important to appreciate that everyone has varying productivity habits. However, your productivity won’t be the only thing to suffer when this comes at the expense or risk of your personal health. 

Remember to take breaks and set boundaries to boost your productivity in the long term. Arrange to grab lunch or coffee with a co-worker. Take a walk around the block to clear your head, chat to those around you or do something that completely removes you from work before starting your next task. Keep track of your hours spent working and create different triggers for yourself that highlight the end of your working day.