29th November 2019

Admin in Focus: Jenna Parker, Community Assistant at Ormeau Baths

This month the Ormeau Baths family grew by one wonderful new member, Jenna Parker who has joined the team as Community Assistant, here to help our residents with everything and anything they need during their time at Ormeau Baths from booking meeting rooms, making them feel welcome and ensuring they’re happy in their working space at Ormeau Baths.

We caught up with Jenna to find out more about her goals within her new role, her hidden talents and the things people would be most surprised to know about her. 

My Name & Role:

Jenna Parker, Community Assistant 

Describe yourself in 50 words:

I would describe myself as reliable, honest, strong, caring, and independent. I am straight forward but take people’s feelings into consideration. My friends would describe me as funny, silly, loving, sociable and chatty. I’m the youngest of my friends so they see me as the hyper, crazy one of the group.  

My goal to wrap up 2019:

My goal is to end 2019 the way I want to start 2020, positive and excited about the future

If you could take one person out for coffee who would it be and why?

I would love to take my younger self for coffee. I would tell her that she is doing a fantastic job and to have confidence in herself. I would say to enjoy all chapters of life, to have more fun and worry less. Things will work out in the long run.

If you had to enter into a talent show what would you do?

If I entered a talent show I would sing or do keep-ups with a football. I have loved singing since I was a young girl and entered many competitions and school plays. I also play football for Belfast Ravens and love to show off my skills. 

What are you most excited about within your role at Ormeau Baths?

I’m very excited to learn about the people that work here and what they do. With over 200 members at OB it will take me a while but I’m learning something new every day. I am eager to get stuck into my work and become a positive impact on the OB community. I feel that I have struck lucky with this job and cannot wait to see what the future has in store. 

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I have many things that people may not know about me so I’m going to pick two things. I have lots of pets including a rabbit, two guinea pigs, a hamster and a hedgehog. I also play football for a women’s team who have recently entered the NIWFA (Northern Ireland Women’s Football Association). 

Name one resource that has impacted your approach to your career:

There is not one resource but many articles, interviews, stories that I have come across that interests me. I pick up hints, tips and insights to the business world from these. I research online people, companies & items I would like to know more about. 

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant, what would it be?

I have always wanted to play a musical instrument, either the guitar or the drums. I chose to study music in school and realised that I wasn’t good at playing any instruments other than the triangle. I did, however, pass the subject!