24th July 2020

Co-working Post Pandemic: We’ve Still Got Your Back

Throughout the global pandemic we’ve lived through over the last few months, business owners, employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers alike have been forced to rethink the way we live and do business while navigating new and necessary health measures. As we navigate the various phases of our world’s re-opening, individuals and organisations are still finding our footing with what will and won’t work within our professional lives. While some of us are craving a sense of a social community, others are keen to keep themselves tucked into their respective bubbles a little longer, and for many, co-working spaces will offer the happy-medium solution in our new working lives.

Here are a few ways that co-working spaces have your back in the post-pandemic working world.

Community is at our core

Co-working spaces have always offered a solution and support network to help people to reconnect, build a network and start something new – all of which is more important than ever right now. Entrepreneurs, business owners and workers need these social networks and the local connections more than ever to recover. Right from the outset, the community has always been one of our key focuses, so, fortunately, this is something we’re pretty well versed in.

The impact of this pandemic on our emotional resiliency, mental health and wellbeing is something we’ll be processing for quite some time. Social connections will be key to rebuilding this resiliency. For many, co-working will offer the ideal solution over the coming months by giving workers a safe, non-crowded space while providing elements of social contact that self-isolation previously took from us.

Remote working? That’s our jam

Pre-pandemic, remote working trends were already well on the rise. Post-pandemic, it’s a necessity for many. Now, as businesses come to terms with and embrace the possibilities offered by remote working, many large companies are keen to spread employees across multiple locations with the aim to reduce densities of staff members in their traditional spaces.

As the world of remote working continues to expand, safe, well-designed spaces where workers gain access to an established community will become key requirements for both talented individuals looking for opportunities with new employers and vice versa.

It’s important to remember that co-working spaces don’t just serve the needs of remote workers but also those of small businesses, sole-proprietors and other entrepreneurs where working from home doesn’t provide a solution.

Everything you need under one roof

Being part of the co-working community removes the stress (and expense) of setting up and managing physical office space. We’ve already got everything in place for you including really great coffee, security systems and an established community and culture of like-minded businesses ready to offer support and connect with you.

To find out more about what we’re doing at Ormeau Baths to re-open safely and support our members, click here.