13th September 2019

How The Co-Working Industry Is Re-Writing The Rules Of Business

Gone are the days when entrepreneurship and self-employment meant a professional life of solitude spent working in a home office. No longer are freelancers gearing up for battle when fighting for a spot with a plug in their local coffee shop. The rules of business are shifting drastically with the rise of freelancers, remote workers, flexible schedules and emerging start-ups within our workforce. And so, businesses and freelancers alike flock to co-working spaces to ensure their businesses can keep up with the change. 

Breaking former corporate stereotypes, traditional businesses are embracing the impact and benefits that co-working spaces can bring to both their business and their employees with increased productivity and positive company culture among the most common. In a space designed with a focus on productivity, motivation and wellness at the forefront, operating from a co-working space offers business the kind of appeal that allows them to attract top talent and retain employees by prioritising people in workplace design. 

Increased Productivity

Using a desk within a co-working space strikes the balance between removing the distractions of coffee shop hustle and bustle and the solitude of working from home. It’s also a place where you have your guaranteed spot to come in to every day (or as frequently as your working schedule allows) without the confines of a corporate cubicle.

With less formalities and distractions comes a boost in productivity. Throw in the fact that you’re surrounded by like-minded, hard-working professionals and your motivation to carry on down a path of consistent productivity is sorted. 

On a more practical level, you also have access to professional amenities like conference rooms, meeting rooms, private phone booths and event spaces to further your business and productivity levels. 


Speaking of like-minded, hard-working professionals…

At the core of co-working spaces comes the commitment to community. Life in a co-working space allows you to work for yourself and by yourself without being alone. There’s always someone to grab lunch with, ask for advice or to chat to when the going gets tough. The chances are, the challenges you’re currently struggling with have likely been encountered and overcome by those around you. Chances are, that person is sat at the hot desk opposite you. 

There’s a community of support there ready to celebrate your successes with you. There also there to vent to without risk of them running to your boss or client because technically, their your co-workers but not your colleagues. 

Whether you need a sounding board for a project proposal, introduction to a key contact or recommendations for new accounting software, fellow residents can offer a helping hand. 

Networking opportunities

The beauty of co-working spaces is the diversity of businesses and people all operating under one roof. While on a personal and wellbeing level, this ticks boxes as a support network. For your business itself, it constantly opens doors for new business leads to explore. Rubbing shoulders with some of the other freelancers, entrepreneurs and early adopters around you could lead you to a new client, business partner or colleague. 

That graphic designer you’ve been hunting high and low for? He’s now sitting right next to you. 

By focusing on better productivity through flexibility, collaboration and community, co-working spaces provide the modern day professional with the opportunity to escape routines associated with the 9-5 grind and operate their business confidently.