30th September 2019

Meet Our Members

Community is at the core of who we are and what we do at Ormeau Baths. In cultivating that community over the last few years, our space has become a hub for high-potential tech-startups within a range of sectors including sportstech, insurtech and energytech. 

Throw in all of the designers, developers, creatives and finance gurus and you’ve got every element of your business covered under one roof. 

So, let’s meet the people who proudly call Ormeau Baths home to their businesses. 


Chargifi is leading the way in smart, cloud-connected, wireless charging for business. We deliver a market-leading cloud management platform that enables the mass deployment of wireless charging; our patented solution turns wireless power into a service that adds real value for business and provides a unique value exchange opportunity for a true customer centric-experience. Chargifi is now deployed by over 90 organisations in 21 countries. Chargifi works with all types of Wireless Charging, and we are industry-leading members of both the Wireless Power Consortium and the AirFuel Alliance.

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In partnership with Belfast City Council, we offer Belfast Coin rewards within our local mobile payments app.

Designed to encourage residents to buy local, help the environment and empower local businesses, Colu is a platform bringing together those who live and work in the city, to build a more vibrant, prosperous Belfast.

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Trōv is the world’s leading insurance technology platform, enabling the new ways people live, work, and move.

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Power NI

As Northern Ireland’s leading energy company, we’ve been supplying electricity in Northern Ireland for over 80 years. Energizing everyday life at home, on farms, in businesses, hospitals, schools and communities. Our energy is part of the fabric of Northern Ireland. While electricity isn’t the top topic at most folks’ dinner tables, it’s something we love. It’s one of life’s essentials which we are proud to empower our customers with.

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Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult Northern Ireland focuses on being at the forefront of innovation by building partnerships and bridging the gap between industry and academia. The centre is focused on helping large and small organisations work smarter and more efficiently by realising and adopting innovative digital technologies.

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Best of Belfast

At Best Of Belfast, we believe that everyone has a story to tell… 

Here’s a wee bit of ours:

“We are a vibrant new brand with a passion to champion the city of Belfast and the incredible people who live in it through storytelling.”

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We Are BWI

Betley Whitehorne Image is a creative communications agency acclaimed for its creative thinking and intelligent design. We bring together several key disciplines including, creative, digital, marketing and PR into something we call interdisciplinary design.

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Sync Imaging

With over 20 years of industry experience, Sync Imaging supply the highest quality of Commercial Photographic services. We not only strive to provide the most creative, striking images, but we offer a very close relation to those we work with. Great communication is key to providing the best work, going beyond expectations, delivering on time and within budgets. Our work can be seen on billboards, websites and printed media internationally. 

In addition to this great service we now also supply creative videography and specialist time-lapse work. Using professional editors and musicians to produce eye-catching pieces of film for viewing on TV and web. 

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ARTIOS brings better performance to Stabilisation efforts because ‘good enough’ simply isn’t.

For over a decade, the ARTIOS team have delivered humanitarian, information and security projects in over 45 countries. Our technical and capacity strengthening services cover Strategy, Risk and Performance Management by concentrating on:

  • Communication – construct and maintain positive narratives as conflicts & crises are largely contests of influence.
  • Optimisation – review and improve processes and systems to scale efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Decision Making – instill better judgement and meet needs with evidence based choices.

In the world’s most challenging areas, we enhance the skills, behaviour and knowledge of communities, local & international organisations and governments.

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The Young Foundation 

Amplify NI is a major five year initiative to support people in Northern Ireland to take action together, to create fairer communities where everyone can thrive. We are working across Northern Ireland with a main focus in Belfast, Derry/Londonderry and Enniskillen.

Amplify NI is bringing people and organisations from all parts of the community together to:

  • Understand people’s lived experiences of inequality and how it can be overcome using ethnography and peer research
  • Identify new narratives of the better future people want for their communities
  • Create and grow the innovative projects, collaborations, organisations and campaigns needed to make change happen
  • Build connected movements of people working and learning together.

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We started char.gy in June 2016 with the goal of solving residential electric vehicle charging for people without off-street parking, such as driveways or garages. In late 2017 we trialled our first public charge point in Richmond and we’re working hard to make charging accessible for everyone so that anyone who wants to own an electric vehicle can.

It’s our mission to make charging your electric vehicle as simple as charging your phone.

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The Sensible Code Company

The Sensible Code Company was founded in 2010 with a vision of a world where everyone can easily make full use of data.

Our products help customers introduce automation into everyday business processes by applying modern technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We work best with customers who have an appetite for innovation. 

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Kairos Sports Tech

At Kairos, we have created a platform dedicated to helping elite sports clubs and players own and improve their performance. Thanks to our scheduling, planning and analytics tools, athletes can now be perfectly prepared and ready to perform on game day.

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Goldsmith Engineering

Goldsmith Engineering specialises in Fire Safety Engineering. We offer tailor-made Fire Safety Engineering design and have produced bespoke solutions for some of Ireland’s most prestigious and exciting building projects.

We carry out Fire Safety Audits, Fire Risk Assessments and Due Diligence studies for existing buildings and will Project Manage fire safety upgrade works from design to completion.

Our portfolio spans all building uses including retail, office, residential, educational, institutional and manufacturing.

In addition to Fire Safety Engineering, Goldsmith Engineering offer a dedicated Assigned Certifier service during the construction of any building project.

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We started in financial services, then worked together in tech start-ups and saw first-hand how a fresh approach, technology and great people can disrupt tired industries.

Just like the high street banks, the mobile networks are stuck in the past and we believe that it’s time for a change.

Smartphones have transformed our lives, but the way we get our mobiles hasn’t changed in years. People are stuck with expensive contracts and poor customer service, while 125 million used phones gather dust in drawers.

There are lots of problems with the status quo, but we’re starting by solving the most important part – a smarter new way to get the best iPhone, that’s better for your pocket and the planet.

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We empower ambitious tech entrepreneurs to grow faster through growth programmes, digital entrepreneurship skills, a visa scheme for exceptional talent, and by championing the UK’s digital sector through data, stories and media campaigns.

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Future Screens NI

Responding to industry needs, Future Screens NI will deliver expert technical skills, opportunity and growth across film and broadcast, animation, games and immersive technologies and industries in Northern Ireland. Through the partnership, Northern Ireland’s creative companies will develop strategies to collaborate, grow productivity and maximise their global potential, delivering new jobs and a £400 million increase in GVA to boost the local economy.

Future Screens NI comprises the two higher education institutions (Ulster University and QUB) and a number of key industrial partners central to the creative economy in the region, including NI Screen, BBC, Belfast City Council, Belfast Harbour, Causeway Enterprise Agency, Digital Catapult, Catalyst Inc., RTE, Games NI, Kainos, Invest NI, Techstart NI, Matrix and Tourism NI. The Partnership has, from this, developed a definition of, and a working model for, the creative industries in NI which is focused on participation, cultural and economic growth, and social and economic regeneration placing the Partnership as a leading developmental catalyst in this NI sector.

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The Pixel Mill

The Pixel Mill is a collaborative co-working space in the Ormeau Baths Innovation Centre for game development teams from across Northern Ireland. Offering a ground-breaking incubation programme for UK and Ireland with industry mentorship, access to funding and links to local Universities. The Pixel Mill will also serve a larger role as a gaming community meeting place and a platform for local gaming initiatives. The Pixel Mill is funded by Northern Ireland Screen with support from the Department for the Economy.

Each year Northern Ireland Screen invites applications from companies to take part in The Pixel Mill programme. Successful applicants will receive support to build their teams, market their capabilities and navigate third party relations.

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Brain and Nerd

Brain and Nerd is a small studio that makes big games, developing original PC games with a focus on solid core game mechanics, emergent gameplay, and procedural content. The independent company was the first Irish game studio to be successful on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with its first title, sci-fi 4X game Predestination, and is now starting development on its second ambitious project. Brain and Nerd actively engages customers in the development process and supports the emerging Northern Irish game development industry and STEM education whenever possible.

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Northern Softworks

Northern Softworks was established in 2017 by Michael O’Kane and Tom Mathews. Our goal is to create games that feel new, yet familiar; accessible to all but with depth for those who look for it. Our games focus on feel and style over accuracy and realism. This is achieved through an emphasis on intuitive controls, tailored animation and responsive systems.

Northern Softworks’ first title Inertial Drift is a fast-paced arcade racing game for fans of retro arcade racers.

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Rocket Flair Studios

Rocket Flair Studios Ltd aims to be a market leader in city-building and management games. We bring with us years of experience, a deep passion for the genre and a vision to create games that our customers will enjoy so ensuring that we create a dedicated following around our company and games.

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Cupboard Games

Cupboard Games was assembled in 2015 and create unique interactive experiences in collaboration with a wide range of people from the likes of astronauts to zebrafish researchers.

Cupboard Games uses collaboration, discovery and fun, to explore the potential of games.

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Whitepot Studios

We’re a kickass Belfast-based games development studio founded in 2016. We have created games for Android, iOS, and PC using both HTML5 and Unity, building our portfolio and creating a variety of games for clients and bespoke use cases.

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Blackstaff Games 

Blackstaff Games is Belfast based Studio working across animation, interactive and games content. Having developed both Children’s Bafta and Develop nominated projects, the studio focuses on creating exciting new experiences through relatable characters and vibrant worlds.

Their newest project Buildings Have Feelings Too! draws inspiration from Belfast city and its rich history. The city management/narrative game will be available on consoles in 2019.

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Shieldmaiden Studios 

We’re Shieldmaiden Studios, a Belfast-based company that makes video games and digital hybrid toys.

We’re making better play, better. 

No, that second better isn’t a typo — we make fun toys and games by employing compassionate, evidence-backed practices to ensure we (usually) enjoy making cool stuff as much as our players do playing. This results in better games and a more stable, future-proof studio.

Which means more fun stuff for our players.

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Silver Stream Studio

Silver Stream Studio was founded in 2018 by Ian Hutchinson. The studio specialises in the production of mobile titles and emphasises gameplay above all.

The company’s first title, MazeWar, was released in 2019. Developed on an extremely limited budget, MazeWar is a retro-arcade action game that can still boast of impressive visuals, expansive levels and challenging AI.

In April 2019 Silver Stream was successful in its application to join The Pixel Mil, located in The Ormeau Baths. Since that time the company has taken part in the Rapid Prototyping program, attended Gamescom, taken part in The Big Indie Pitch and has started to develop relationships with a number of the worlds most successful mobile publishers.

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Capstone Games

Capstone Games Limited is a start-up games development studio based in the UK. We are comprised of talented, award winning games designers from both the UK and Ireland who have worked on large team projects developing apps, games & VR experiences.

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Matero Games 

Matero Games is a new studio based in County Down, Northern Ireland. Currently developing its first project. More to be announced very soon!

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Gofyt (Go Find your trainer) is an online marketplace that connects the user to a health & fitness service provider.

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Interactive Video tagging software that allows you to make your videos interactive and shoppable offering opportunity to monetise videos across all platforms. 

An interactive overlay for any video, the Smartzer video tagging platform adds hotspots to your videos. Make anything in your video clickable through our beautiful customisable interactive overlay. 

The interactive overlay is automatically optimised for all distribution channels including websites, social media, video ads and touch screen experiences. 

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Overwatch Research

Overwatch Research is in vivo preclinical tracking software for labs. Overwatch adapts to your laboratory workflow, saving your team hours by spending less time with spreadsheets and more time researching. Designed directly with scientists, Overwatch allows you to create reproducible research by eliminating transcription errors and empower your team to collaborate effortlessly and brings a unique approach to study management with the benefit of time savings and error reduction.

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Ignite NI

Ignite NI run the Propel Pre-Accelerator, Accelerator and San Francisco Landing Pad. The programmes provide funding, office space, workshops, mentoring and exposure to 300+ experienced entrepreneurs and investors worldwide — everything that’s needed to make a real go of your startup.

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Your hiring process should be engaging, efficient and unbiased. Equitas takes the stress out of delivering interviews, giving you the power to make better hiring decisions and making the delivery of interviews digital. 

We provide you with a consistent, structured, best practice approach to interviewing. We automate set up, note-taking and feedback to make interviews quicker and more engaging and reduce bias through digital scoring and audio recording to improve accuracy and ensure you hire a diverse team. 

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Digital 54

We believe humans are at their best when they are being creative and innovative. We want people to be productive, not administrative.

We build innovative software products to alleviate the burden of governance.

ALUNA is our digital governance buddy for Third Sector organisations.

If you are a trustee or funder of Third Sector organisations, ALUNA is the tool for brighter, better boards.

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Stories increase mobile conversions, but they have to be done right. 

That’s why we help e-commerce businesses, online publishers, sports teams, and a broad range of small businesses tell stories with confidence. 

With our powerful software, you can easily pull your instagram story content onto you website. Don’t want to rehash an old story? Create a new one yourself right from our dashboard. Upload and edit clips in seconds, sending the final creation straight to your site. 

This works great for product launches showcasing new collections and special events. Unlike regular stories which vanish after 24 hours, yours can stay where you put them for as long as you need them.

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Unissu is a community-driven global platform to help you find, filter and analyse PropTech businesses and products. Follow companies, sectors and influencers and get the latest news straight to your dashboard.

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We are on a mission to re-imagine the world of shift-based work. 

Our rota software makes it easier for businesses to be more versatile in their shift planning, allowing them to attract and retain top talent. 

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Making the right decision, at the right time and executing it in the right way is an ability we call Action Intelligence.

Building on 20 years’ research we are building the world’s first technology platform that quantifies a player’s ability to act intelligently and make winning decisions under pressure.

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Sparkinity was born because we wanted to see more unique products on the shelves of retailers. We have personally enjoyed the experience of shopping in outlets that offer products which are not mainstream. Through Sparkinity we want to make innovation and agility accessible to retailers so they can easily find products that will excite and bring pure joy to their customers.

We are reinventing the buying process and providing retailers an intelligent medium to order online with free returns. Makers can save on huge upfront costs of reaching out to buyers & store owners can easily let their customers decide without taking on the risk of being stuck with unsold goods. Simple and so much easier, isn’t it?

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Through Pitchbooking we make booking sports facilities simple. 

Our aim is straightforward: we want it to be as easy as possible for people to get out and play sports in their local area.

To achieve this aim, we’ve created a user-friendly on-line platform, allowing sportspeople to locate and book convenient, suitable facilities, all with a few clicks and in a matter of minutes.

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Providing convenient, mobile, cashless payments in-store and on the Forecourt. 

Our Real-Time Food Information Solution provides a fully-integrated workflow, streamlining the creation of mandatory food nutritional information & allergens, providing real-time outputs to both traditional packaging and new digital channels.

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We want to rid the world of paper loyalty cards for good, while improving customer engagement between retailers and their loyal customers.

loyalBe replaces dumb paper loyalty cards with a single smartphone application. Due to our frictionless technology, we don’t require consumers to take out their phone at the Point of Sale to earn rewards. They simply pay with their linked bank card and receive rewards seamlessly.

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TrueStock is a logistics and inventory management solution that can forecast inventory needs more accurately. 

TrueStock uses the latest machine learning technology for providing you with more accurate forecasts for your inventory needs. It is an incredibly beautiful, fully responsive web application that can be used on any device.

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Paybolt is a white-label wallet for event apps. Our API enables fast, real-time payments powered by Stripe and can create tailored offers for specific wallets, such as meal-tokens for the staff or bar-credit for VIPs.

By replacing cash and paper tokens with QR codes, Paybolt enables 100% transactional transparency, reduces operational costs and creates an amazing customer experience while gathering valuable data insights.

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Gradient Edge

We develop products and provide expert consulting services to enable modern digital commerce and data-driven experiences. 

Great people deliver great software projects. At Gradient Edge, we believe in using small, highly skilled teams to deliver world-class software.

Our expert team has developed best-in-class products and led engineering implementations at over 25 of Europe’s largest digital platform programmes. Our work covers all the main industry verticals, including retail, consumer products, telco, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality and government. We have developed solutions across B2C, B2B and marketplace. 

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Book Entertainment

BookEntertainment is a marketplace for musicians, bands, DJs and entertainers to list their services, show real-time availability and receive instant bookings. 

Our mission is to empower entertainers to make an income doing what they love. 

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Dyadey is a social platform for fans to immerse themselves in quality content about the things that they love and empowers them to have a voice in the communities that they are passionate about. It does this by aggregating content from a community’s official social media channels and also allows users to contribute community-specific content to be viewed and engaged with by like-minded individuals.

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The Style Edit

The Style Edit is an award-winning online lifestyle magazine dedicated to celebrating style in all its forms – from fashion and beauty to food, travel and interiors – The Style Edit is a luxury, aspirational, digital destination with an attainable feel. We cover both high-end fashion inspiration and the best beauty buys on a budget and everything in between.

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Grow your medical career and collaborate on high-quality research.

MedAll App is a community of healthcare professionals. We help you to develop your medical career portfolio and to collaborate with others on research.

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The Pocket-to-pocket giving app.

Esther is the pocket-to-pocket giving app for helping the poorest people in your city. Right now. In three steps.

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Nigma helps businesses evaluate software engineers and verify that they have the skills they say they do. It does this by simulating real-world scenarios so that you can provide an accurate analysis of engineering talent in a way that favours coding ability instead of how well they can solve an algorithm challenge.

The entire platform can be modified and customised to suit your technical hiring needs. It’s very powerful and does not require much coding knowledge. It’s got a library of code tasks which you can then assign to candidates to complete, and once complete it will then be submitted for engineering teams to review.

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Payhere is a website payment integration for businesses to increase and manage online sales. Our super-simple payment forms allow our customers to accept recurring and one-off payments in less than five minutes. Payhere takes care of your business so you can focus on taking care of your customers. 

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Ben Mudge

Designed to help those suffering with cystic fibrosis feel fitter, stronger and healthier, Ben Mudge provides training plans and nutritional information and guidance to take your fitness and nutrition to the next level. Plans are delivered straight to your phone and customers can join a community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as them through the community slack channel. 

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Our vision is to shift the whole ethos of the esports community. We aim to use our e-athlete monitoring system to facilitate smarter training for esports athletes and in doing so, focus on tackling the issue of burnout.

By utilising science-backed training methods, G-Science helps esports athletes to develop a healthier training routine. Our athletes learn to maximise the efficiency of their training, which reduces fatigue and burnout.

At G-Science, we ensure that our esports athletes are building good habits and training responsibly to prolong their career lifespans. We help our athletes to train smarter, not harder; 8-12 hour days are no longer needed.

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At Aubergine our mission is to reward client loyalty for every experience. We deliver this through our leading edge technology platform. Our goal is to disrupt consumer rewards and employee loyalty across the beauty and wellness industry. We reward customer loyalty and encourage high levels of employee service delivery through our aubergine platform working in partnership with owner operated businesses.

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AIRBRIO® is a Respiratory Management System for ASTHMA or COPD allowing users to track and train your inhaler use for more effective delivery, better control of your condition (Asthma or COPD) & peace of mind. We enable improved adherence to prescription, improved inhalation technique, promotion of best clinical practice. 

AIRBRIO® is a new approach that provides users, carers and healthcare professionals with valuable new data that was not previously available. The system is designed to process and present this data in a meaningful way to empower users to improve management of their respiratory condition.

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Enhance Performance

Enhance performance uses data analytics for individual and team performance tracking through the quantification of individual and team performance.

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Skylark Control

Skylark offers remote energy management for staff safety and asset maintenance.

With combined experience of over 60 years ranging from Sewage, Natural Gas, Electrical Distribution and Transmission to owning and operating our own wind farms we know how to manage an asset safely and efficiently and are incredibly proud of the people who make our business what it is.

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At Beosense we are using novel microfluidics on printed circuit board to develop a low-cost, user-friendly point-of-care diagnostic devices for the detection of bacterial or viral infection, that takes the time to result from days to minutes.

Coming soon.