23rd April 2019

Ormeau Baths named in Top 10 alternatives to We Work by Wired

Looking to create a new company but worried about the overheads? A Google search might have you running to WeWork, the massive co-working giant valued at $47 billion (£37bn) that's planning to launch an IPO later this year.

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07th May 2021

The Joys of Co-Working Spaces That Only Members Understand

As the immediate world around us in Northern Ireland returns to some form of normality I’m feeling all sorts of reflective and grateful for the Ormeau Baths community. I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to the joys of co-working spaces that only members of Ormeau Baths can truly appreciate. There’s always someone around to have […]

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29th April 2021

Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

The value of time is precious in all aspects of our lives but when it comes to handling the ever-changing environment of entrepreneurship, optimising the use of 24-hour window is crucial. We’ve all felt those chasing our tail moments catch up with us, along with that dreaded feeling that there really isn’t enough hours in […]

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29th April 2021

Resident in Focus: Jonathan Smyth, Founder of Linc Technology

This month we caught up with Ormeau Baths resident, Jonathan Smyth, CEO and Founder of Linc Technology. Here Jonathan shares what excites him most about entrepreneurship, his crazy experiences during lockdown and the biggest lessons Covid-19 has taught him about entrepreneurship. Name & role: Jonathan Smyth, CEO and Founder of Linc Technology Company elevator pitch: Linc […]

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13th April 2021

3 Ways To Do Less To Do More In Your Business

It’s no secret that the reality of being a business owner means wearing a lot of hats, all at once. It’s easy to caught in a cycle, stressing over all of the things you could or should be doing to grow your business if you only had a few more hours in the day. So […]

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06th April 2021

Easy Ways To Shake Up Your Social Media & Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

Unless you’re a content whizz, it can be tempting to let things like social media marketing, blog posts and email marketing slip to the bottom of your to-do list. We know we should be making social media a priority, we fully understand how crucial it is to our business growth – particularly in the last year as […]

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30th March 2021

Resident In Focus: Toyah Warnock, Co-founder of Lane 44

This month we caught up with Ormeau Baths resident, Toyah Warnock, co-founder at Lane 44 who are on a mission to remove plastic from the bathroom, starting with razors. Here Toyah shares what excites her most about entrepreneurship, tips for staying positive during lockdown and the biggest lessons Covid-19 has taught her about entrepreneurship. Name […]

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22nd March 2021

3 Ways Community Can Help You Build Your Business

It’s no secret that we’re devoted to our community here at Ormeau Baths. It’s at the heart of everything we do and we’re always looking for new ways to support our community members throughout their journey as entrepreneurs. We believe that building a community as a business owner, has the ability to totally transform your […]

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05th March 2021

Practical Steps To Help With WFH Boredom and Loneliness

Remember the days when working from home was a luxury only to be enjoyed by the privileged self-employed among us? And even at that, most of us are here because we wanted more than working from home alone and less than a traditional office, finding our home in Ormeau Baths or another co-working space. As […]

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12th March 2021

How To Build Your Network as A Freelancer or Business Owner

When you’re taking the leap into self-employment, building your tribe of supporters and fellow business owners is something that’s incredibly important and will help immensely at times when isolation feels more prevalent than freedom in running your own business. Initially, when you make the move to self-employment and you’re not meeting up with people or […]

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01st March 2021

Resident in Focus: Chris Murphy, Founder of The School of Design

For this month’s Resident in Focus feature, we sat down with Chris Murphy, via email, to discuss The School of Design, a community built by Chris for design-focused entrepreneurs, building the products of tomorrow. The joy of a conversation with Chris is having access to his fount of knowledge and philosophical approach to business that […]

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15th February 2021

4 Ways To Build Your Confidence as a Business Owner

Building confidence as a business owner is something that develops as you gain more experience running your business, building your expertise and dealing with the highs and lows that comes with that. While the you that is running your business today is likely a very different version of yourself from when you first started, it’s […]

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08th February 2021

3 Coworking Space Amenities Will Change The Way You Work

Coworking spaces bridge the gap between the expense of a fully-fledged office and working from home. They provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration, an environment conducive to productivity and a place for solopreneurs and small businesses to flourish. And honestly, they just might totally transform the way you work – in all the best […]

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01st February 2021

4 Ways To Keep Your Online Presence Up To Date

As nearly everything has switched to the online world right now, there’s never been a better time to work on the digital elements of your business, starting with making sure your website and your brand is up to date online. For many of us, particularly now, your website is the face of your business and […]

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29th January 2021

Residents in Focus: Luke Carré and Cameron Brown, Betley Whitehorne Image

This month we caught up with Ormeau Baths residents Luke Carré (Lead Creative) and Cameron Brown (Web Developer) who represent the Belfast team for Betley Whitehorne Image
. Both Luke and Cameron reflect on some of their favourite projects so far, their experience as part of the Ormeau Baths community and some of the misconceptions about […]

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18th January 2021

How To Find Community and Connection Online

Right now we’re all practising social distancing wherever we can. We’re currently trying to navigate our way through a worrying and unsettling time and with the last few months of lockdown firmly under our belts, many of us crave connection and community more than ever, especially if you’re used to working in co-working space. Today […]

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