23rd April 2019

Ormeau Baths named in Top 10 alternatives to We Work by Wired

Looking to create a new company but worried about the overheads? A Google search might have you running to WeWork, the massive co-working giant valued at $47 billion (£37bn) that's planning to launch an IPO later this year.

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18th September 2020

The Perks of Freelance Life As Part of a Co-Working Community

The stereotype of the freelance work set up paints pictures of freelancers sipping on their flat white, typing on their laptop from the corner of a coffee shop. The reality – Coronavirus restrictions aside – is that many freelancers miss the company of co-workers. They crave many of the creative and social aspects associated with […]

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11th September 2020

How to Communicate Effectively with a Remote Team

Communication can cause complications and misunderstandings at the best of times so when you remove the verbal cues, body language and intonation that comes with face to face communication, things can get tricky. Whether you’re on the hunt for a remote job or leading a new remote team, here are some practical tips to help […]

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07th September 2020

5 Key Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Imagine colourful, light-filled workspaces, coffee on tap and a diverse network of people, hard at work at hot desks, breakout areas and meeting rooms. Ah, coworking spaces. How sweet it is to work in a world where you exist. As remote work and flexible work becomes more of a necessity, technology continues to advance and […]

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04th September 2020

How To Avoid Remote Work Burnout

People who work in offices burn out because they’ve got to deal with stressful commutes, navigate exhausting office politics, spend 8-9 hours working in the office then repeat the commute in reverse – to put it simply. People who work from home burn out because their work and home life boundaries are suddenly blurred, they’re […]

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03rd September 2020

Resident in Focus: Victoria Coulter, Operations Manager at Ignite N.I

This month we welcomed a new face to our Ormeau Baths family – Victoria Coulter, stepping in as Operations Manager at Ignite N.I. We caught up with Victoria to find out more about her work with Ignite, her favourite career resources as well as who her dream business mentors are. Name & role: Victoria Coulter, […]

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07th August 2020

Making the Transition from Home Office to Co-working Space

Due to COVID-19, the majority of office workers have been obliged to work from home. For some, this was a shock to the system. Those used to corporate office structures were suddenly thrown in the deep end of remote working. While for others, the discovery of a working environment that offers ultimate flexibility was a […]

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14th August 2020

Is Co-working For You?

Coworking spaces bridge the gap between the expense of a fully-fledged office and working from home. They provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration, an environment conducive to productivity and a place for solopreneurs and small businesses to flourish. Wondering if coworking is compatible with your business? Big or small, we welcome them all at […]

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30th July 2020

Keeping Your Business Goals Alive in 2020

Undeniably, the last few months have been particularly stressful and draining for those running a business. The last few months have thrown off a lot of our plans for 2020, both personally and professionally. Understandably, many of us have spent our time in survival mode. In these circumstances, it can be hard to maintain the […]

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16th July 2020

How to Keep Networking In The New Normal

Building a network of professional relationships is key for several reasons- gaining introductions to key partners, building brand awareness, prospecting and offering support to others. Although the way we approach networking may have changed post-pandemic, the outcomes and benefits still exist and if anything, stand to be more important than ever. Nurture your existing network […]

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24th July 2020

Co-working Post Pandemic: We’ve Still Got Your Back

Throughout the global pandemic we’ve lived through over the last few months, business owners, employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers alike have been forced to rethink the way we live and do business while navigating new and necessary health measures. As we navigate the various phases of our world’s re-opening, individuals and organisations are still finding our […]

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05th June 2020

Resident in Focus: Laura Bernal & Cristian Hoyos, Founders of NetMinds

Each month we feature one of our amazing residents and highlight the work they’re doing within the Ormeau Baths community along with their experience within the world of entrepreneurship. This month things look a little different for a lot of our members including this month’s Resident in Focus duo, Laura Bernal and Cristian Hoyos, co-founders […]

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01st May 2020

Resident in Focus: Sarah Scullion, Founder of Integra and Covid-19 Community Support Platform

Each month we feature one of our amazing residents and highlight the work they’re doing within the Ormeau Baths community along with their experience within the world of entrepreneurship. This month things look a little different for a lot of our members including this month’s Resident in Focus, Sarah Scullion. Sarah, founder of Integra and […]

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17th April 2020

How To Be Productive in an Unproductive Working Environment

By now we’re about 3 weeks into our new ‘work-from-home’ set-up. Realistically, we should probably have adapted by now and most of us will have but on the flip side, we’ve been lucky with some glorious spring sunshine, things are getting a little restless and hosting an important Zoom meeting in the midst of your […]

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10th April 2020

How To Use Downtime To Improve Your Business

Times are tough right now and it’s natural to want to hunker down and cut costs where we can. COVID-19 has closed our schools, restaurants, conferences and shops, affecting many businesses, as we protect the health of our population. However, there will come a time when this is all over and businesses will find their […]

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03rd April 2020

Three Self-Care Rituals To Help You Stay On Your A-Game During Uncertain Times

We’ve watched our daily routines and normality completely shift over the last few weeks. While the rest of our world has been momentarily cancelled – events, in-person socialising, restaurants and trips – one thing that hasn’t been cancelled is the running of our businesses. In fact, now, more than ever you’re likely feeling the pressure […]

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