30th June 2022

Techstart and Ormeau Baths present: Ormeau Labs

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24th January 2020

How To Stay Motivated With Your Business Goals For 2020

Finally, the end is in sight for January blues. But with the novelty of the shiny new year starting to wear off, it’s easy and certainly tempting to let those promising, determined goals you set for 2020 slip away. Before you know it another year has passed and you’ve not made the progress you’d hoped […]

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17th January 2020

Meet The Propel 2020 Teams

Starting 2020 with a bang, we welcomed 21 new companies to Ormeau Baths this week as Ignite NI kicked off their Propel 2020 pre-accelerator. This time around we’re joined by a wide variety of Northern Ireland based start-ups covering industries such as MedTech, AgriTech, wearables and education who will launch and grow their businesses during […]

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16th December 2019

3 Tips For Switching Off and Enjoying Christmas When You’re Self-Employed

The New Year, new you notion is fast approaching and with it, goals of stepping into 2020 refreshed, energised and reinvigorated are hot on our heels. The irony is, however, that to reach that point of successful hustle and drive, first of all, we’ve got to take a step back and take time to enjoy […]

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12th December 2019

How to Support Small Businesses This Christmas

When you buy from small businesses at Christmas, several things happen: You keep more money in your local economy You celebrate the importance of your community You support local jobs You encourage community You benefit from access to their expertise You invest in entrepreneurship And last but by no means least… When you buy from […]

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04th December 2019

What’s On: December 2019

Our event spaces come alive each month with a variety of workshops, meet-ups and events hosted by a wide range of businesses. To find out more about any of the events listed below simply follow the link where you can register for tickets. Keep this post bookmarked and check back for event updates at Ormeau […]

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29th November 2019

Admin in Focus: Jenna Parker, Community Assistant at Ormeau Baths

This month the Ormeau Baths family grew by one wonderful new member, Jenna Parker who has joined the team as Community Assistant, here to help our residents with everything and anything they need during their time at Ormeau Baths from booking meeting rooms, making them feel welcome and ensuring they’re happy in their working space […]

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22nd November 2019

5 Business Books That Changed The Game For Our Residents

A major benefit of being part of a co-working community is the breadth of knowledge and experience to be shared and borrowed from those around you. For every problem that you encounter, chances are those around you have either been there before or have come across a resource that will help you through it. Books […]

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15th November 2019

How To Develop Clear Company Culture Within A Co-Working Space

Initially, co-working spaces offered community and workspace for freelancers who mostly worked alone but as the industry has grown, they’ve also become a home for startups and companies alike. For the latter, this begs the question of how to cultivate their own distinct company culture while growing their business within a co-working ecosystem.  Check out […]

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04th November 2019

What’s On: November 2019

Each month at Ormeau Baths sees our event spaces come alive with a variety of workshops, meet-ups and events hosted by a wide range of businesses. This month we have a whole host of events coming to Ormeau Baths including start-up competitions, documentary screenings, Belfast Design Week meetups and wellness events.  To find out more […]

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31st October 2019

Resident in Focus: Danielle Hashemipour, Customer Success Manager at Pitchbooking

We caught up with resident, Danielle to find out more about her role with Pitchbooking, their start-up story so far and the biggest lessons she’s learned along the way.  My Name & Role: Danielle Hashemipour, Customer Success Manager at Pitchbooking 50 Word Elevator Pitch:  At Pitchbooking we simplify the bookings process for sports facilities. Our […]

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25th October 2019

The Stories Behind The Magic of Ormeau Baths

Ormeau Baths holds a special kind of magic within its walls, the kind that’s only fully understood by its residents. It’s a magic that can’t be tamed and one that grabs a warm, welcoming and fascinating hold on those who walk through its doors. As you enter the co-working space, you step right into the […]

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11th October 2019

3 Tips To Boost Productivity Within Co-Working Spaces

Despite the significant benefits to running your business from a co-working space (we’ve covered some of them here), these same benefits – community, an expanded network, collaborative opportunity – can also lead you to the dark side of distraction occasionally. However, with the right tools and strategies in place, keeping your productivity levels in check […]

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04th October 2019

What’s On: October 2019

Each month at Ormeau Baths sees our event spaces come alive with a variety of workshops, meet-ups and events hosted by a wide range of businesses.  This month we’re joined by Open University and IgniteNI to discuss the opportunities related to starting your own business, Equitas is hosting their second interview and internship evening, we’re […]

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27th September 2019

Resident in Focus: John Doherty, Founder of TrueStock

John joined the Ormeau Baths community as part of the IgniteNI Propel Pre-Accelerator earlier this year. At 21, John felt there was no better time to take the leap and start his own tech company, TrueStock.  We caught up with John to find out more about the story behind TrueStock, his entrepreneurial story so far […]

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13th September 2019

How The Co-Working Industry Is Re-Writing The Rules Of Business

Gone are the days when entrepreneurship and self-employment meant a professional life of solitude spent working in a home office. No longer are freelancers gearing up for battle when fighting for a spot with a plug in their local coffee shop. The rules of business are shifting drastically with the rise of freelancers, remote workers, […]

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