19th April 2023

Ormeau Labs: Fundraising

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11th October 2019

3 Tips To Boost Productivity Within Co-Working Spaces

Despite the significant benefits to running your business from a co-working space (we’ve covered some of them here), these same benefits – community, an expanded network, collaborative opportunity – can also lead you to the dark side of distraction occasionally. However, with the right tools and strategies in place, keeping your productivity levels in check […]

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04th October 2019

What’s On: October 2019

Each month at Ormeau Baths sees our event spaces come alive with a variety of workshops, meet-ups and events hosted by a wide range of businesses.  This month we’re joined by Open University and IgniteNI to discuss the opportunities related to starting your own business, Equitas is hosting their second interview and internship evening, we’re […]

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27th September 2019

Resident in Focus: John Doherty, Founder of TrueStock

John joined the Ormeau Baths community as part of the IgniteNI Propel Pre-Accelerator earlier this year. At 21, John felt there was no better time to take the leap and start his own tech company, TrueStock.  We caught up with John to find out more about the story behind TrueStock, his entrepreneurial story so far […]

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13th September 2019

How The Co-Working Industry Is Re-Writing The Rules Of Business

Gone are the days when entrepreneurship and self-employment meant a professional life of solitude spent working in a home office. No longer are freelancers gearing up for battle when fighting for a spot with a plug in their local coffee shop. The rules of business are shifting drastically with the rise of freelancers, remote workers, […]

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06th September 2019

What’s On: September 2019

With summer now officially coming to a close and the back to school vibe in full swing, we’re ready to welcome a whole new host of events at Ormeau Baths this month.  We’re celebrating the launch of the Belfast Coin by Colu, celebrating with one last summer get together with Ormeau Baths alumni and residents […]

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23rd April 2019

Ormeau Baths named in Top 10 alternatives to We Work by Wired

Looking to create a new company but worried about the overheads? A Google search might have you running to WeWork, the massive co-working giant valued at $47 billion (£37bn) that's planning to launch an IPO later this year.

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15th April 2019

Ormeau Baths named Winner – Members choice award for Belfast 2019

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